High Quality Organic Italian Food

#filieraamoreterra a trip began in 2012 across the Italian artisanal manifactury

AmoreTerra merges in a unique brand the knowledge of more than one hundred farmers and artisans with our experience in the development of products and marketing.

For every product we handle the entire production chain, step by step and that’s why we love to define us manufacturers of production chains.

The distinguishing element that differentiates us is the big #FilieraAmoreTerra, composed by production chains for every product. We have 360 hectares of organic lands and several handcrafted laboratories selected after years of researches.

Everything is transparent, written on the labels and showed through images that we publish on our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Thanks to our production chain we can create high quality organic food, with intense fragrance and flavors and better nutritional and beneficial properties.

amoreterra farina luce

We have only selected high quality standard farms, represented not only by the organic product certification, which is essential for us, but also by more requirements.

For that reason #FilieraAmoreTerra lands are at:

Pristine places, far away from arterial roads and surrounded by nature or other organic farms.

• Areas with big agricultural tradition, such as in South Italy, where high quality cereals and legumes are produced since ancient times, or on the mountain, where the cold climate destroys every parasite.

• Farms which produce ancient and fine products variety since many years, selected not only for nutritional and healthy aspects, but also for their unique taste.

We cultivate our raw materials in this extraordinary places, where the beauty of landscape mixes with the perfume of the wheat in order to become taste and nourishment.


The top of research and development of AmoreTerra is Luce Flour®, a unique product obtained cultivating together 9 varieties of ancient wheats at more than 850 meters high and grinding them by stone.

To enhance and protect this product we created a brand that guarantees the presence of different ancient wheats, cultivated on the same field, on the mountain and the slow stone milling cultivation.


Some years ago, together with Casa Minelli farm of #FilieraAmoreTerra, we decided to start an ambitious project: we wanted to cultivate several varieties of ancient wheats in the same field. We did it to protect the wheat’s biodiversity, threate- ned by industrial selection that favors a handful of high-gluten varieties and to rediscover the riches and prosperities of ancient wheat.


Thanks to an antique machinery to select seeds, we chose the best grains of some ancient varieties cultivated for decades in the company: Gentil Rosso, Mentana, Verna, Marzuolo, Auto- nomia, Inallettabile, Terminillo e Risciola. Nature rewards us by the growing of a rare wheat, called “miracle grain”, a natural wheat mentio- ned also in the Ancient Testament.


We chose to cultivate those wheats in an organic way on the mountain, where most pests are not present and during the winter, the snow keeps the grounds hydrated and protected. A winning choice. We have seen spikes change their aspects from year to year, adapt to the territory and weather and become always more pro- ductive: a natural and spontaneous process of species improvement.


The grind is developed in that stone mill from the1800s which uses a rock of stone at a speed of 60 revolutions per minute (against the 80-120 of normal stone grinding). That process doesn’t overheat the wheat, which keeps therefore unchanged its organoleptic characteristics, and doesn’t delate the important wheat germ, rich of vitamins and mineral salts.

ancient stone mill

artisan flour


This flour is perfect also for pasta production. It’s hand made and dried to very low temperatures. This flour Luce® pasta presents an high digestibility, an excellent endurance during the cooking and an aromatic and persistent taste. We created a brand of pasta which doesn’t need sauces: We called it ’’Ready with a trickle of oil’’


The low gluten index, makes that flour perfect for backed products. The particular taste of ancient wheats gives flavours and fragrances im- possible to find in other wheats. The handmade manufacturing allows to exalt organoleptic cha- racteristics of Luce® flour and to create a tasty high quality product for pleasure and health.

“The Traditional” an history which originates in the Italian granary

pasta traditional

Since forever, one of our first prerogatives is to protect Italian’s wheat biodiversity: that’s why we have realized an artisanal pasta line, made by autochthon wheats grown by us. By the 50’s, this variety of wheat has contributed to let italian pasta be known in all around the world.

‘’The Traditional’’ is an exclusive AmoreTerra line dedicated only to those products, wheats cultivated with an organic method over uncontaminated fields, located in Basilicata and Puglia. By the 50’s and still now, those areas are called ‘’Italian granary’’, thanks to their strong vocation to work and confer to hard wheat.

From our cultivation we can obtain an high protein raw material, a fundamental request to obtain an excellent pasta. We can get a durum wheat semolina with an high level of granulometry thanks to the milling operations, which are done in an ancient historical miller. Due to all these operations we obtain a high characteristics product, at the highest levels and desirable standards.

pasta traditional

The art signed by our Pasta-makers

For the pasta making process, most delicate phase of the entire process, we have relied on two pasta makers based in Basilicata. The place is located over 700 meters above sea level, to guarantee an high quality water in addition to the perfect mix of pressure and temperature, which are important to the final product. The semolina, mixed with mountain’s water, creates a knead that will be shaped during the bronze drawing process, which scratching the surface leaves it rough and porous, like the pasta makers tradition. After that, pasta is lied on wood looms with a small net made by an aseptic material, to begin the low temperature drying phase (between 34°C and 44°C). The entire process is done in a precise environment, obtained by balancing temperature and humidity; the product will lay here from 12 to 36 hours, due to the shape gave to the pasta. Then, after 12 months by taking care about every pas- sage of the making processes, the “The Traditional” AmoreTerra’s final product is ready to fascinate and engage everyone in an unique experience.

pasta traditional italian

Also the product design takes place inside #FilieraAmoreTerra, thanks to professional figures that:

• dedicate themselves to the communication of our values.

• Anticipating some of the world’s most important trends of the packaging, we drew the whole line so that:

• It can give all necessary information for a conscious choice; for that reason we introduced a bar properties in the front of the labels.

• It transparently informs about the growing places and all production stages in a more precise way than in accordance with regulations; that is why we included a dedicated area to #FilieraAmoreTerra on the side or on the back of the packaging,

• It offers a moment of calm and clarity in an increasingly frene- tic world, for this we have chosen a minimal and clean design, without elements that can confuse the consumer.

you know what you eat